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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972.  At 19 years of age receives Prize AICA (International Association of art critics) and Diploma in the contest "Discrimination".  In 1990 began to exhibit her work in Latin America and in 1999 moved his Studio to Mexico where she dedicates part of  her research to the learning of techniques native to production of paper and textile art around the theme of the maps processes. Her work takes place in the formats of textiles, painting and installation.  Her exhibitions include "Polo North – South Pole" X Bienal de La Habana, cartographies satellite of large format, El Morro, Havana, Biennale Ventosul, "Point de fusion" Museum of the University Muse, Curitiba, Brazil; Biennial of Cuenca, "cartographies altered" Museum of history Med.; Cuenca, Ecuador, "World Maps" Cuturrier Gallery, Los Angeles, visions satellite, NM Projects;  Tour map, old Palace is San Idelfonso;  "The perfect language" Museum Art Ciudad Juárez, "Lib...":



Born in 1955, artist Armando Martinez has been painting since childhood.  He has had no formal training and is totally self-taught.  Amazingly, he has never worked at anything other than his art, supporting his wife and two children through commissions and sales of his artwork; he has come to enjoy great success.
  His oil paintings are almost always of women, but sometimes include male figures as in this painting, and occasionally children, typically clothed in Renaissance-style dress with much texture in the brocades and lace. Although Mr. Martinez has never worked with teachers or other artists, he has been influenced by the Spanish Surrealist artist Remedios Varo. Martinez speaks of her with much admiration and esteem. Ms. Varo's works are allegorical in nature, often employing both fantasy and humor. Mr. Martinez's own works impart spiritual and mystical qualities, causing the viewer to ponder their meaning, all the while appreciating the beauty, wit and mastery of his style.


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