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2011:Voices of the Baroque

In this fifth consecutive year we have taken on the presentation of the opera 'Dido and Aeneas' by Henry Purcell. For the first time in San Miguel, we celebrate the drama of this masterpiece in a fully staged version in the Obraje Theater. We are thrilled to have the opera production team lead by Fernando Trevino, Monica Belinda and Tara Faircloth, plus the participation of renowned musicologist and conductor Matthew Dirst leading the music forces.

The theme of this year's festival, "Voices of the Baroque", embraces earlier forms of vocal artistry in our 'Mostly Monteverdi' concert. The full spectrum of instrumental voices, is showcased in 'Music in the Age of Magnificence ' featuring our select group of virtuoso artists.

Performance by young Israeli harpsichordist, Michael Tsalka, playing the monumental Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach, and the musical forces of Capilla Virreinal de Nueva España round-off the exciting line-up of sensational artists.

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2010: Echoes of a Nation

In celebration of the Bicentennial of the Mexican Independence and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, the Festival will present 400 years of music and culture in New Spain & Mexico. The variety of programs and styles requires a doubling of the number of musicians invited in previous years and includes baroque choral elements. Three musicologists were recruited to help develop programs of high quality but mostly unknown music written by Mexican composers from the 16th to the 20th centuries. The final concert will contrast great choral works by the Mexican composer Manuel de Sumaya with the masterpiece of his European counterpart Johann Sebastian Bach: “Magnificat”.



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2009: Surrounded by Baroque

By 2009 the Baroque Music Festival had grown so much that the Directors decided to make it a permanent institution with its own independent legal structure and finances. Continuing its collaboration with Camerata Ventapane, but now under the auspices of Festival de Musica de San Miguel de Allende, A.C., the Festival expanded its network and began extending invitations for concert & musician exchanges to a variety of other institutions throughout Mexico. A Master Class was added for the benefit of young musicians and music appreciation workshops designed for pre-school children were organized at local orphanages and daycare centers. The “Surrounded by Baroque” theme musically focused around the great masters of the Baroque era: J.S. Bach and G.F. Haendel, and the music that served as example and inspiration to these composers. The theme was enhanced by the addition of elements of baroque art & antiques to create an unforgettable cultural experience for the audiences.

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2008: Baroque & Beyond

In its second year, the Festival formalized the practice of providing chamber music offerings to two other cities in Mexico in addition to the concerts in San Miguel de Allende. A community outreach program was also developed that involved a larger segment of the San Miguel community through activities such as free concerts, lectures and an exhibit of baroque musical instruments. The theme for the Festival was “Baroque & Beyond”, an exploration of compositions written for the string family of instruments and the dance that was popular at the time.

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2007: Go for Baroque!

The first Baroque Music Festival in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico began with the vision of Festival Directors Henry Kirby and Rodrigo Antonio Treviño Lozano, to bring together musicians from the U.S. and Mexico in a baroque city and to introduce the magic of the baroque era via the music played in venues chosen for their beauty and acoustics. The First Baroque Music Festival was collaboration between San Miguel El Grande ProMusica and the Houston Camerata Ventapane, the vision was realized thanks to the creative energy of its Artistic Director, the renowned cellist Barrett Sills. The Festival elaborated a musical theme “Go for Baroque” based on the geographical development of the music in Germany, France, and

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