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  Each year the festival brings an exhibit or showcase to San Miguel that enhances the theme of the festival.
The baroque period was an impressive period. The era saw great change in music and it was filled with many influential composers.

Exhibition highlights
Examining the movement's development and growth from 1620 to 1800, the Baroque Master exhibition features portraits of the most prominent composers of the era from countries across Europe. Highlights of the show include audio samples, and interactive trivia displays about the composers and the music they composed.

A Glance Inside The Convent

2010, the Bicentennial year, brings an important collection of artifacts and artworks depicting the feminine life in the convents of New Spain. The exhibit, “A Glance Inside The Convent”, is made possible by the generous support of the sisters of the Conception religious order in San Miguel de Allende. The sisters of the convent contributed to the Festival’s interest in Baroque treasures other than music by arranging a public display of their handcrafts and possessions. The Noyola family, local antiquarians, augmented the exhibition with ancient, principally silver reliquaries, intricately worked silver plaques and candelabra, used in ancient masses.

Glitzy Threads

In 2009 the Festival showcased “Glitzy Threads” a fantastical line of baroque-inspired fashions, created by the Barbara Porter Boutique of San Miguel. 16 stunning models strutted their stuff in the first Baroque Fashion show in San Miguel.

The Marvel of the Strings

This segment of the festival began in 2008 with “The Marvel of Strings” Exhibition of Baroque String Instruments from 1500 to 1789, sponsored by The Escuela de Lauderia of Queretaro. String Musical instruments of the Baroque Period were on display for the first time in San Miguel de Allende. The exhibit included a selection of string instrument replicas from the Baroque era, in which the choice of materials, the richness and the sound and the quality of the decorations reveal the intention of creating a visual work of art, in addition to musical enchantment.


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