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Music Appreciation Program for Pre-school Children

Experts assert that music is an important part of child development, but music experiences in preschool are often haphazard. The BMF provides instruction for care-givers to develop music activities that can be easily incorporated to the daily activities of preschool education programs. These music activities include: using singing as program basis; choosing easy to sing music; understanding the relationship between music and creativity; slowly introducing movement experiences; adding depth through musical games; and allowing children the option to participate.

The Melodia program has two parts:

  • Teacher Training:
    With a series of 4-quarterly training sessions, the BMF provides instruction for care-givers to develop an aptitude for performing daily music activities which:
    • employ instruction and musical instruments
    • Play with different sounds & rhythm patterns
    • Listening to the different styles of music
    • Conduct imagery in movement sessions
  • Music Awareness workshop for pre-school children:
    Each year during the week of the festival a trained specialist will present a series of fun, interactive workshops for kids ages 2-6. Our focus is on the pre-school children from the local orphanages and daycare centers.

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